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Discover Loch Ness by boat

One of the most popular ways of discovering Loch Ness is sailing the waves on a boat tour.

Whether it's learning about the history or some fun Nessie hunting you get to experience just how vast Loch Ness is when you cruise along and take in the wonderful scenery that surrounds it.

Boat tours are available from different locations around the Loch, Click to discover more.

Discover our history

From castles and battlefields, to forts and ancient ruins, Inverness and Loch Ness has history around every corner to unfold and is a history lovers dream discovery destination. 

You can fill your trip full of historic places to visit and still need to come back for more.



Discover our nature, walks and wildlife

Walking, wildlife, waterfalls, nature and scenery, something Inverness and Loch Ness has in abundance. Even when visiting the city you can take a wonderful stroll in nature along the River Ness to the Ness islands. We have natural waterfalls to find and countless viewpoints and walks to breathe in the incredible scenery the area has to offer.