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Downright Gabbler

Enjoy good food and drink, great company and fascinating tales of Scotland.

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Downright Gabbler

What better way to explore Scotland’s history and culture than through our wonderful food and drink? Using the finest locally sourced ingredients we offer various events which explain the role of Scotland and the Scots in some of our most popular food and drink.

Tipsy afternoon tea allows you to savour a feast of Scottish delicacies and hear tales of how tea, coffee and chocolate were agents for change. And it explains why drinking gin was once a political statement. 

At Ale and Hearty you’ll enjoy a four course dinner as we explore the important role of beer in the history of Scotland and the development of the Empire.

Living the Dram. Discover how a rough peasant spirit became an aspirational drink known across the globe. Hear how humble grocers helped create one of the world’s most iconic drinks – Scotch whisky.

Scotland on a Plate. A magnificent seven course banquet tells the story of Scotland through three iconic drinks – beer, claret and whisky.

We have four self catering apartments in the upper floors for those wishing to enjoy a stay in the beautiful village of Beauly. An excellent base for touring the Highlands, each of our beautifully appointed apartments has a bedroom and living room with mini kitchen and an ensuite shower room. Special rates apply for those booking an event at the Downright Gabbler. 





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