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Boleskine House

Visit one of the most mysterious houses around Loch Ness.

Boleskine House

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What do a curious seventeenth-century minister exorcising an ancient burial ground, a building commandeered by Jacobite rebels, an unusual magical ceremony intended to speak with guardian angels, a host of paranormal and strange occurrences, a bizarre James Bond–style villain-embezzlement-scandal from the 1960s, a 1970s rock and roll star, the site of a 2.5 acre native Scottish wildflower meadow, and a grass-roots heritage charity struggling against all odds to rebuild a magnificent B-listed manor house all have in common?

Boleskine House is a unique heritage landmark full of mystery and intrique, with strange tales of magic and the occult, and speculation of its early history as a meeting point for Jacobite rebels or the possibility the site of an old church during the seventeenth– and eighteenth–centuries. 

Explore the restoration project of the eigtheenth–century manor house that is well-underway with an experienced tour guide. Learn about the quirky history of the site, see the recent archaelogical discoveries about the property in person, and learn about and the charity's vision for the estate's future.

Come a see our 2.5 acre wildflower meadow in progress and visit our 23 acres of grounds of open fields and mixed foresty on a beautiful elevated position on Loch Ness. Learn about ambitious plans for a resonsible and sustainable future for the eighteenth–century Georgian manor house as an iconic example of how built heritage can thrive alongside natural heritage.


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Boleskine House



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