Things to do Urquhart Castle & Visitor Centre

Urquhart Castle & Visitor Centre

A must see, one of the most well known attractions in the UK, Urquhart Castle's ruins sits nestled on the shores of Loch Ness. 

Urquhart Castle & Visitor Centre

Travel back in time with a 1000 years of history to be immersed in.

Urquhart Castle's ruins, one of the largest in Scotland, are situated on a headland with panoramic views overlooking Loch Ness - it's iconic and there is simply nothing quite like it.

Since St Columba visited the fort that preceded the castle in the 6th century, the site has been home to centuries of key events in the history of Scotland - climb the Grant Tower, see the great hall and peer into a prison cell used to hold captives.

With a remarkable collection of artefacts, full sized working trebuchet and modern visitor centre it is easy to see why Urquhart Castle is now one of the most visited castles in Scotland with over half a million visitors a year.



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