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Loch Ness Ice Cream

Wholesale producer of luxury ice cream.

Loch Ness Ice Cream

What is Loch Ness Ice Cream?

We are pleased to introduce you to Scotland's most premium wholesale Ice Cream product made in the heart of the Highlands in Inverness. Our brand has strived to create a premium, luxury product available for distibution throughout Scotland, whilst keeping the prices at a level appropriate to open up the market.


The Brand

Loch Ness Ice Cream has branding suitable for a multitude of consumers. The elegance of the background scenery with the loch and mountains allows it to sit top end for parlours and restaurants, yet we have worked to also keep it fun and recognisable for the consumer, adults and children, tourists and locals, with a "Nessie" figure eating a cone drawing added attention our new exciting brand.

Place in the market

We know how to make top end luxury products, we know quality, we know what has been missing and have identified a gap in the market between the top-end producers and wholesale ice cream manufacturers.

Ice cream manufacturers can often pump as much air through the product as possible as air costs nothing, but equally tastes of nothing. This is well known for its icy consistency, something our tried and tested process eliminates.

We have found a way to create a premium ice cream, with texture and flavour an absolute priority.

We can ensurethe great taste, great look, great flavour and most importantly lots of repeat custom you expect with a luxury product. Loch Ness Ice Cream places for the businesses who want the best product but just don't have the capacity, ability, or desire to make it themselves.




Unit 1 & 2, 50 Seafield Road





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