Historic Bridge at Whitebridge, South Loch Ness

Wade Bridge at Whitebridge

Wade Bridge is part of a series of old military bridges and roads, constructed under the direction of General George Wade in the 1720s and 30s. It’s a single span humpbacked bridge, which crosses the River Fechlin in the village of Whitebridge, Inverness.

Also known as Wade’s Bridge, White Bridge, Nine Mile Bridge or Bridge over River Fechlin.

The History of Wade Bridge

General Wade’s Military Roads were constructed by the British Government in the 18th century, linking the Central Lowlands with fortified barracks in the Highlands. General Wade had advised that the roads would provide better access for government troops, in an attempt to bring order to Scotland after the Jacobite Rising of 1715. As part of these works, roads were built between Inverness and Fort William on the shores of Loch Ness.

The Wade Bridge over the River Fechlin, was constructed in 1732. Made of bright sandstone, it was nicknamed the “White Bridge” when it was newly built.

The Wade Bridge is no longer used as a road, as a new road bridge replaced it in 1932. However, you can still walk across it today.

Visiting The Wade Bridge

The Wade Bridge is in the village of Whitebridge. It is very easy to visit, accessible from the B826 road.

The nearby Whitebridge Hotel has a bar and restaurant. This historic building dates from 1899. It was built on the site of a King’s House, which the soldiers of General Wade would have used while stationed here.



Historic Bridge at Whitebridge, South Loch Ness Close up of the Wade Bridge in summer Historic Bridge at Whitebridge in summer


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