Where to see Highland Cows in Inverness

Top 4 Places to See Highland Cows in Inverness

Scotland’s iconic Highland cows often called hairy coos by the native Scots, are a must-see. These magnificent creatures are widespread all across Scotland. They usually roam around diverse routes and locations. Spotting Scottish Highland cattle can be difficult if you do not know where to look. Where to see Scottish Highland cows, you ask? Inverness is a great place to get a peek at these famous Highland cattle and take a picture or two. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 best places to see Highland cows in Inverness. Scroll down to see some suggestions on the where to see Highland cows.

At Cameron’s Tearoom in Foyers on the South of Loch Ness

Our top pick is Cameron’s Tearoom in Foyers, located on the peaceful south of Loch Ness. It is an attractive and comfortable place for tourists to stay in. Cameron’s Tearoom is only a short distance away from Cameron’s Holiday Cottage. Meaning, you could walk to the Tearoom from your cottage very quickly. Cameron’s Tearoom is also very close to the famous “Falls of Foyers” waterfall. Which is why this place should definitely be high on your ‘where-to-see-highland-cows’ list.

What makes Cameron’s Tearoom stand out is its tendency to attract the famous Highland cattle. These cows drop by to cool in the large natural pool located near the Tearoom. So it can be pretty easy to catch a glimpse of these creatures up close. Cameron’s Tearoom features a wide, airy and spacious decking area. You can climb the deck, sit, relax and observe the beautiful scenery outside. And while you’re at it, you can also spot a Highland Cow or two.

With Cameron’s Tearoom, you get the whole package. A warm comfy cottage to sleep in at night. A fancy place to enjoy coffee nearby.  And priceless views of the Highland cattle and beautiful scenery from the deck. Cameron’s Tearoom is definitely worth the investment when visiting the Scottish Highlands.

A Highland cow with hills in the background

At Loch Ness by Jacobite Cruises at Dochgarroch

Next on the list is Loch Ness by Jacobite, a cruise experience at Dochgarroch. Loch Ness Cruise by Jacobite is a great way to see the scenic views of the Scottish Highlands. The boarding point for the cruise is at Dochgarroch. Furthermore, this place is home to several Highland cattle. Dochgarroch is at a five-minute drive from Inverness. There are almost always some Highland cows roaming around within its vicinity.

You can always spot a herd of these mighty Highland cows lurking around near the cruise car park. This can be a great opportunity to take a picture or two. Not only can you enjoy the views of the Scottish Highlands on a cruise, but also view the famous Scottish Highland cattle. Loch Ness by Jacobite is definitely worth the investment.

A herd of Highland cows on a frosty moorland

At the Newton Hotel in Nairn

The Highland town of Nairn is home to a variety of Highland cows. And the Newton Hotel is a great place to see these creatures. The Newton Hotel is a lavish mansion, 25 minutes away from Inverness. The hotel features 63 bedrooms and elegant design.  The front side of this magnificent Scottish manor-house is home to a small herd of Scottish Highland cows. Their presence is calming, almost as if they are inviting you to take a look.

The vintage vibe of the mansion is not something you’ll find anywhere else. And with Scottish Highland cows nearby, this hotel is definitely worth a visit. Next time you’re wondering where to see Scottish Highland cows, remember to look Newton Hotel up.

A Highland cow with her calf

On your way to Eagle Brae luxury log cabins

Eagle Brae log cabins offer luxury accommodation in the Highlands of Scotland. It is another great destination to spot Scottish Highland cattle in Inverness. You can catch a glimpse of these friendly animals on the way to the luxury cabins. Scottish Highland cattle are usually roaming around this area quite a lot. But they are particularly easy to spot at Eagle Brae. If you’re lucky, you can even get a close up look of these furry creatures. Eagle Brae definitely falls amongst the top places where you can see Highland cows. Breath-taking views of the Scottish Highland. A luxury cabin experience where you can relax and unwind. What more could one ask for? All in all, at Eagle Brae you get to see everything in one go.

Highland cows in water