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Looking for a holiday in Inverness, Scotland? Join us in the capital of the Highlands, one of the most wonderful places to visit in Scotland. Inverness has all the benefits of city life, but with the beauty and nature of the Scottish Highlands right on its doorstep.
Inverness is a Gaelic word meaning “mouth of the River Ness”. The Ness is a river which flows out of Loch Ness (famous for its monster!) into the Moray Firth (famous for its resident pod of Bottlenose dolphins).

Travellers find the compact city centre and friendly unhurried pace of Inverness make it a stress-free holiday destination. There’s lots to do and a quality of life that is hard to beat anywhere in the world. It’s a place you will want to return to again and again!

Use the map below to find the best Scottish holiday accommodation in Inverness for you. Not sure where you want to stay? Do not worry, browse all of our Visit Inverness accommodation providers below the map.

Where to Stay In Inverness

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Top Inverness Attractions

Our most popular attractions and activities near Inverness include:

1. Driving the North Coast 500, a magnificent road trip starting and finishing in Inverness
2. Walking or cycling the Loch Ness 360° Trail, a route around Loch Ness which starts and ends in Inverness
3. Visiting Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
4. Taking a walk along the River Ness and discovering the tranqil Ness Islands.
5. Enjoying a visit to Inverness Botanic Gardens
6. Taking in some culture at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
7. Discovering the historic Inverness Cathedral
8. Soaking up views of the city from Inverness Castle Viewpoint
9. Seeing a show at Eden Court Theatre
10. Enjoying the city centre shops and restaurants in Inverness

Why Stay in Inverness?

Inverness has it all … beautiful scenery, fascinating history and a wealth of things to do and places to see. It’s perfectly located in the Highlands of Scotland, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Based here, you’re close to the city’s great attractions and facilities, but you’re just a stone’s throw from the rugged Scottish wilderness.

The grassy river banks on both sides of the River Ness are regularly used by picnicking holidaymakers and locals alike during summer months. The tranquil Ness Islands are perfect for a quiet stroll close to the city centre … and no need for walking boots! Or, why not start exploring Inverness and its historic buildings by walking along the City Heritage Trail?

There is amazing nature and wildlife to enjoy all year round. The salmon runs in early spring are a particular highlight. Salmon make their way up the River Ness to the spawning grounds in tributaries deep in the Great Glen. These migrating salmon are often pursued up the river by seals, which can be seen from the river bank. Where else could you see such wildlife in a city centre?

Holidaymakers and locals alike, from all over the northern Highlands, take advantage of the excellent shopping, clubs and restaurants in Inverness city centre.

Plus, you can’t visit Inverness without also having a tour around Loch Ness. It’s a 30-minute drive, or it’s close enough to cycle there in about an hour. You might just see the legendary Loch Ness Monster, so have your camera at the ready!

Getting to Inverness

You can get a flight to Inverness from many major UK and continental airports. There are daily flights from London Gatwick and Heathrow that can whisk you into the heart of the Scottish Highlands within two hours. Inverness Airport, in total contrast to London, has a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere. You can jump on a bus, hire a car or take a taxi to make the 15-minute journey into the city.

Inverness also has excellent bus and rail links, with a central bus station and railway station in the city. So, it really is easy to reach your holiday in Inverness by public transport. Please see our Travel Section for more information on planning your holiday in Inverness.

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