Haunted Highlands: Places to Visit if you Dare

Highland Ghost Stories That’ll Give You The Chills

In a country full of ancient castles, Scottish battlefields and stone circles, is it any wonder that Inverness and Loch Ness has a few Highland ghost stories to tell?

We have all heard of Scotland’s spooky castles.  Below we have found you some spooky haunted Inverness ghost stories for you to give you the chills this Halloween…

Eden Court Theatre

At first glance, Eden Court in Inverness seems to be a modern theatre and cinema – how can there be a Highland ghost haunting a lively place like this?

But not all parts of the theatre are modern. The building takes its name from Robert Eden, Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness, for whom the Gothic mansion was built. Known as “Bishop’s Palace” it dates back to the time of Bishop Eden in the late nineteenth century. The Bishop’s wife reportedly committed suicide here and haunts the buildings of Eden Court to this day! So be on the lookout for Inverness ghosts when you visit…

Culloden Battlefield

The Battle of Culloden memorial

The battle of Culloden was the last battle ever fought on British soil. In just under one hour, the Jacobite army of “Bonnie Prince Charlie” was defeated by well-armed government troops.

The bloody battle never ended for the ghosts of Jacobite soldiers. It’s said their battle cries can still be heard on the anniversary of the battle, the 16th April. Visitors to the battlefield have also reported seeing the Culloden battlefield ghosts near the clan graves.

The atmosphere on the battlefield is sombre. Indeed, birds are never heard singing near the graves of the fallen soldiers!

Walk among the ghosts of Culloden Moor and visit the battlefield is free of charge, but don’t miss the Culloden Battlefield visitor centre that gives you an insight into what happened on that fateful day in 1746.

Rait Castle

If you’re looking for a real Inverness Ghost Tour, the ruins of Rait Castle, between Cawdor and Nairn is a must in places to visit in Inverness. This historic Scottish castle is home to the ghost of a young girl with a tragic fate. In fact, it’s a true Romeo and Juliet love story…

In the days of clan warfare, the Clan Cumming of Rait invited their enemies, the Mackintoshes, to a banquet with the dastardly plan to murder their guests at the dinner table! The daughter of the Cummings chief, however, was in love with a young Mackintosh boy and gave away the plan in order to save her lover.

On the night of the dinner, Clan Mackintosh came prepared and attacked their hosts before Clan Cumming could go through with their plan. In a rage, the Cumming Clan chief confronted his daughter with a broadsword and cut off her hands before she jumped out of a window and was tragically killed.

Visit the spooky ruins of Castle Rait free of charge. Please note, it is muddy and overgrown, so do proceed with caution.

Boleskine Graveyard

Boleskine Graveyard in the Scottish Highlands

Boleskine graveyard and the nearby Boleskine House on the South Side of Loch Ness have long since had a reputation for unusual activities.  Originally built as a hunting lodge, Boleskine House became famous when it was bought by occultist Aleister Crowley in 1899.

Crowley is said to have carried out occult experiments and black magic at Boleskine, and many say the “bad vibes” from that time can still be felt today! Which is why it is one of our favourite haunted places in Inverness and Loch Ness. The unusual history of the house also includes ownership by rocker Jimmy Page, who was fascinated by Crowley.

The house is in private ownership and cannot be visited. The nearby Boleskine graveyard, however, is no less fascinating. It is situated at the site of a medieval church, which has now disappeared. But the mort-house and historic gravestones can be explored. The mort-house was where bodies were stored in their coffins until they could no longer be used by body snatchers! If you visit the graveyard at Halloween, let us know if you encounter any spooky goings-on!

Tomnahurich Hill

Tomnahurich Hill – from the Gaelic “Hill of the yew trees” – on the outskirts of Inverness, had a reputation in ancient times of being the home of fairies. These fairies were said to lure unsuspecting travellers into their home under the hill. Here, there would be music and they would dance all night. But once the travellers would leave to go home in the morning, they would find that they had been enchanted by the fairies! And even worse, not just one night but a hundred years had passed!

Tomnahurich Hill was the main cemetery for Inverness for many years. You can still see the many imposing monuments to important local figures of the day. A tranquil and peaceful walk leads to the top of the hill – just watch out for the cheeky fairies!

Clava Cairns

The Clava Cairns are a mysterious, pre-historic site near Inverness. This ancient burial site with stone circles and chambered cairns is about 4,000 years old. Fans of the TV series Outlander it’s the only place to be this Halloween in Inverness and Loch Ness! Clava Cairns are said to be the inspiration for “Craigh Na Dun”, the stone circle where Claire travels through time. This of course happened at “Samhain”, the ancient Celtic festival which we celebrate today as Halloween!

Go On Your Own Highland Ghost Hunt

So if you’re in a spooky mood and looking for some Highland ghost stories, why not visit some of these places next time you are in the Scottish Highlands? Let us know how you get on through our Facebook page!