Exploring Dun Bonnet’s Cave in Foyers – by Graeme

This little known cave has been made famous recently by the Outlander books and films…time to explore it for ourselves!

Today I went in search of a cave.. ‘Bonaid Odhair’ Cave to be exact (also knowns as Dun Bonnet’s Cave). It is another of these almost mythical places that are dotted around Loch Ness which periodically I decide would be good to find.

Bonaid Odhair’s cave is where James Fraser (IX clan chief of the Frasers) who took part in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, was concealed in the neighbourhood of Foyers for about seven years. Back then the village of Foyers was known as Bonaid Odhair (Dun Bonnet) and local people took to calling Fraser “Bonaid Odhair” so that they could talk of him without danger of letting on to Cumberland’s maurading troops that Fraser was alive and well…

So, off I go this morning with map and vague idea of its whereabouts deep in the woods near Foyers. An hour later having scrambled through dense old woodland and across the edges of a steep rockface I think I found it, but I’m not sure as there were so many huge rocks scattered around that the possibilities of what constituted a cave last used 265 years ago were several in number!
I’m going to go back soon if I can, because after much searching amongst all my historical info on the area when I returned home, I found not only reference to it in the ‘Tales of Old Aldourie’ but more exact details of it’s location than any present day map. Watch this space!

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