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The Trail of the Seven Lochs

The Trail of the Seven Lochs is a 50-mile sustainable loop route which provides stunning views and varied terrain for walkers and riders alike. Our thanks go out to land managers and owners for their help to improve access for all groups of users.

The route is waymarked but you are nevertheless advised always to carry a map and compass with you (with knowledge of how to use them) and to know where you are at all times.

Do not rely on mobile phones for sat nav as mobile signal is very intermittent but mostly absent on the trail, also, we suggest you carry a first aid kit and clothes for wet and cold as the weather can change quickly in this area.

The Route

The Trail of the 7 Lochs is a circular route so there is no designated starting point but a good place to start is at the Forestry Commission Exhibition Centre at Inverfarigaig, as there is good parking, a picnic spot and toilets. There is parking suitable for a horse trailer just past the junction with the B861 (if you are heading west) on the Dores – Foyers Road.

For those who want to ride the full Trail with horses, you might think about riding it as two loops (a figure of eight) basing yourself at Dores where you can get stabling, turnout and parking. B&B accommodation is available in Dores as are bar meals at the Dores Inn and there are self-catering nearby.  There is also accommodation for horses and humans at Cullaird Farm, Scaniport and at Whitebrige.

The trail is waymarked with the logo on plastic discs, but sometimes waymarkers may be missing. Along some of the route, the tracks are shared with the newly formed South Loch Ness Trail which is marked with blue waymarker posts and a squirrel logo. Where this happens, in order not to cover the countryside in a plethora of signs, we may put our T7L discs onto the blue posts as well. So for the Trail of the 7 Lochs always just look for the distinctive T7L waymarkers.

A full description of the route can be downloaded here – T7L Pdf

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