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East of Inverness

Travel east from Inverness to enjoy some of the most iconic historic sights and visitor attractions in the Inverness Loch Ness area. Just a couple of miles east of Inverness the awesome craggy slopes and forests of Loch Ness gives way to gentle relatively flat and fertile mostly agricultural land. The change in landscape is quite sudden and markedly different.
Culloden Viaduct

Culloden Viaduct

This fascinating geology has gifted Inverness airport all the space it needs to develop a first-class hub for national and international flights in and out of the Highlands and so close to Inverness city.

Culloden, scene of the last battle to take place on British soil and a must-see historic site east of Inverness. Culloden battlefield marks the site of the historic 1746 battle between the Duke of Cumberland and Prince Charles. The whole battlefield story is brought brilliantly to life in the new multimillion visitor centre. The new centre and exhibition allows the whole Culloden story to be told in an innovative and interactive way which appeals to all the family.

culloden battlefiled croft

Culloden Battlefield Croft

Fort George

Fort George on the shore of the Moray Firth is a historical building built to repel the French during the Napoleonic wars, peaceful enough these days to go there even to see the bottlenose dolphins of the Moray Firth. The Highlanders’ Museum is situated within Fort George, a working army barracks just outside Inverness. The Museum tells the story of the Highland Regiments from just after the Battle of Culloden to the present day.

Fort George

Fort George near Nairn

Cawdor Castle

If you find the time it is well worth visiting Nairn for a spot of retail therapy and perhaps lunch there are some nice walks down to the beach and of course, most golfers will know about Nairn Golf course, it’s one of the best! Or take this lovely walk from Nairn to Cawdor if you are feeling fit.

Further East, you come to the wide open spaces and big skies and the magical Cawdor Castle 15 miles from Inverness. Cawdor Castle dates back to the 17th century and is steeped in history. Open to the public it makes a great family day out.

See our self-drive car tour in this area of the Highlands.

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