Keeping our visitors hydrated!

Fresh water top up Scheme

Top up your water bottles daily with beautiful Highland tap water for free! 

In 2020. the Scottish Government announced “There is no longer any doubt that plastic waste is having a hugely damaging impact on our oceans, rivers, and land ecosystems. We must act now to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic and drive forward a move towards more sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternatives”.  

Single-use plastic is a huge problem, and the solution is simple whilst on trips- top up with free amazing, free Highland water. 

Have you ever planned a holiday, but really struggled to fill up your water bottles on route? Being a sustainably led organisation we have created a Fresh Water Top Up scheme that is designed to make your holiday plans much easier.

A simple idea, but a thirst-quenching deal breaker for many looking for their next adventure and aims to support our visitors to make sustainable choices during your stay that allows you to enjoy Inverness and Loch Ness whilst protecting the natural environment for future generations. 



Water bottle

How does it work?

The ‘Fresh Water Top Up Scheme’ means; 

  • There will be access water points in sociable hours in local businesses (shops, restaurants, cafes and accommodation providers) to enable everyone to keep safe and hydrated for their exploring, adventures and activities
  • Whilst in the area, visitors will be welcomed into the Highland Community where people will be happy to be asked if you can fill your bottle!
  • You can find all the locations and businesses that are already part of this new initiative on our 'Water top up page'
  • Look out for the ‘Fresh Water Top Up’ sticker! If displayed, this means visitors can pop up to fill up water at these Fresh Water points. Each business can be different- some may just have a tap outside, some may have inside, some may have both! You will find more information the website, but don’t hesitate to pop in and ask if you see the sticker outside! 
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Get Involved!

Do you have a local business in Inverness and Loch Ness and want to be part of this exciting sustainable and eco-friendly scheme for our visitors?

Fantastic! Simply pop us an email using the link below and we will be able to tell you more and get you on board! 

Find out more about our commitment to and work towards sustainable tourism in Inverness and Loch ness.