Inverness City Historic Walk

Inverness Culloden Rotary Club has produced a free mobile phone app which will guide you around 32 historic sites in Inverness and relate the tale of each one. The app has been dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Inverness, in 2021 and the production of the app was funded by Inverness Common Good Fund, the Inverness Heritage Trust, as well as from the Rotary Clubs in Inverness.

With the present refurbishment of Inverness Castle into a tourist attraction it seemed a good time to implement a walk around the historical sites in Inverness, giving visitors a clear insight into the history of the city.

The apps GPS system will guide you to the first site (Inverness Castle) and then when prompted, relate the story of the Castle to you. For the hard of hearing you can choose to have the words appear on the screen so that they can be read.  On completion of the Castle story you will be guided to the next site (Flora MacDonald Statue) where you can listen to that story. This situation will repeat itself for each of the 32 historic sites. 

There is a tale relating to each site visited, highlighting the history of the building and what part it played in the heritage of the city. The app is designed so that you can stop, at any time, for a coffee, or lunch, and then re-join the tour later, it will remember where you finished and restart from that point. You can even re-join the tour the following day and the app will still perform.

The Historic Walk has also been put into a small booklet which can be purchased either as a stand-alone booklet or as a supplement to those who had done the walk and wish to have it in writing as a memento.

You can download the free App via the links below

Click here for the ANDROID download link

Click here for the APPLE download link 


Historic walk app

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