Romantic Holidays

What is Your Idea of a Romantic Holiday?

Most people when asked this question would visualise a sun drenched tropical island, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze with a Pina Colada in hand. Palm trees in the Highlands are about as common as hens teeth so we can’t offer this particular tropical island dream to our visitors – the nearest we can get to that is the Caribbean restaurant in Inverness, Church Street where the bright pictures and music from the steel drums could perhaps bring out the carefree Caribbean in you and stimulate the romantic in you!

We can offer a whole host of different romantic holiday dreams though – this is not a one size fits all sort of place but some of my favourite and most intimate experiences have been in total contrast to the tropical island thing which to me at any rate gets boring very quickly.

A crackling log fire on a winter’s night, snow falling, oh so lightly, onto the window frames, the faint smell of pine smoke fills the air and the flickering shadows dancing all around you as you both snuggle down with a golden glass of your chosen tipple.

Birch woods – dappled sunlight patterns the carpet of bluebells, so rich in the springtime. Spread a blanket and savour a picnic that tastes so much better seasoned with the scent of woodland and all around a symphony of birdsong provides the entertainment from dawn till dusk.

Stargazing the highland skies in winter, free of light pollution. The inky blackness of the sky makes the stars stand out like jewels and to complete the romantic scenario you get a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Languidly rowing a boat on a flat calm lake till the evening light, warm and the fish are jumping and Cuckoo calls in the distance.

The most treasured of all the “Romantic Moments” in my head are set in the Highlands – they are actual memories from the beautiful wild country near Loch Ness. Give yourself a chance to experience different kind of romantic moments that will stay with you forever.

Yes, I too have the tropical island images that are so wonderfully warm and romantic but they’re not dominant, they’re just a small gallery in my minds “Romantics” folder. There are many dreams out there just waiting to be shared with someone you love, they don’t all have palm trees in them and many that you won’t even know until they happen.

Why not do something romantic this Valentine’s day or just do something random even if it’s totally out of character for you, just do it, your partner will only love you more for it.
Check out our Inverness Loch Ness accommodation pages and find a romantic break in the Highlands, the scenery is free and what the scenery doesn’t provide, you can arrange!

Arrange in advance – champagne and chocolates, a candle lit dinner, a hot tub on the decking – all are mostly personal and everyone’s idea of a romantic holiday is different and everybody visualises things in different ways.