The Perfect Romantic Highland Getaway

We can offer a whole host of different romantic holidays here in Scotland. A crackling log fire on a winter’s night, snow falling, oh so lightly, onto the window frames. The faint smell of pine smoke in the air and the flickering shadows dancing all around you, as you both snuggle up with a glass of your favourite tipple.

Birch woods, dappled sunlight patterns and a carpet of bluebells, so rich in the springtime. Spread a blanket and savour a picnic that tastes so much better seasoned with the scent of woodland and all around a symphony of birdsong provides the entertainment from dawn till dusk.

Stargazing the Highland skies in winter, free of light pollution. The inky blackness of the sky makes the stars stand out like jewels. And to complete the romantic scenario, you get a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Romantic Places to Stay in the Scottish Highlands

So, why not do something romantic this Valentine’s day? Or, indeed at any time of year. Whisk your partner away to the spectacular Scottish Highlands!

Here are a few of our favourite romantic places to stay in Inverness and Loch Ness. The Kingsmills Hotel, Culloden House Hotel, Rocpool Reserve, Bunchcrew House , The Lovat, Ancarraig Lodges , Highland Club, Eagle Brae. Find a place to stay and arrange in advance – champagne and chocolates, a candle lit dinner, a couple’s spa treatment.

Everyone’s idea of romantic holidays in Scotland is different. But there’s something for every couple here in the Highlands!