Dog friendly eateries in Inverness and Loch ness

Dog friendly destination

It shouldn't just be humans who are allowed all the fun and you will be pleased to know that we welcome your furry family when holidaying in Inverness and Loch Ness. We know its not always easy to take our four legged pals out eating with us. However, there are plenty pooch friendly eateries on offer for you. 

Whether you are walking the streets of Crown, with a stop off for coffee and cake? Or stretching your legs on a walk more rurally around the loch and hoping for a tasty meal at the end, there are many options to consider. To help you locate all the dog friendly places that you can eat and drink we have put together this helpful list to assist your holiday planning.



Dog Friendly

Dog friendly Inverness

Inverness may be a city but don't be fooled, there are some wonderful places to walk your four-legged friends before enjoying a great meal and a few drinks. The river ness runs through the city centre which is a lovely tree-lined stroll that takes you to the Ness Islands, a popular green space that many visitors have on their to-do list to visit.

There is a great selection of pubs and cafes that welcome you and your dog in Inverness, let us tell you about some...

Velocity - Bang in the centre of Inverness, this cycling café is a perfect place for breakfast and lunch, or both! With long dining tables and cosy corners,  you will be welcomed in with your pet to feast on the delights there is to offer- we challenge you to pop in without ordering a cake! 

Castle Tavern - Cozy pub serving delicious hearty food, day and night. Has a very nice outside seating area for those days the sun makes an appearance. With direct views of the Inverness Castle and close proximity to the river.

Heathmount - A welcoming busy bar, restaurant and hotel that is dog friendly. Your furry pals can join you for food in the back bar and outside heated terrace.

Snow Goose - A dog-friendly pub on the outskirts of Inverness situated by the retail park. Dogs are welcome in the bar area of the pub, as this is the most friendly environment
for you and your four-legged friends to feel relaxed, safe, and happy at all times during your visit. There is water and treats available..... for the dogs, not you!! 

Black Isle Bar - City centre brewery bar serving delicious pizzas and craft beer, need we say more?



Pet friendly

Pet friendly surrounding Loch Ness

When you are out and about exploring the tracks, trails, woodlands and landscapes of the beautiful surrounding areas of Loch Ness you need to keep yourselves fuelled with delicious snacks and food.

Here are some suggestions for the more rural areas...

Whitebridge Hotel - This rural hotel offers culinary delights! With the great walks in the area, it would be a shame to miss, and there is ample space for your pooch. Between the rolling Highlands Hills, this place is a breath of fresh air for those requiring pet-friendly facilities. You will receive a warm welcome and be delighted by the menus of beautifully cooked lunches and evening meals, as well as cake and coffee.

Dores Inn - Nestled at the bottom of Loch Ness, Dores Inn boasts a spectacular view. In Summer, you may want to visit the beer garden overlooking the Loch itself, or perhaps you want to get comfortable in front of the fire in the colder months. Either way, you are sure to receive a Highland welcome- for both you and your dog!

An Talla -  which means "Gathering Place" in Gaelic is a lovely canal-side cafe/restaurant and gift shop with inside and outside seating, serving a delicious menu as well as coffee and cakes.


Rural Pet friendly

Dog friendly accommodation

There are many hotels, B&B's and self-catering accommodations located in Inverness and Loch Ness that are pet friendly, so you don’t need to leave your furry friends at home! You can find these by simply clicking the ‘pet friendly’ option on our accommodation map to find out where they are located and how to get in touch. 

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