Business Travel Packing Hacks for Scotland

What to pack for a Business Trip to Scotland

Wondering what to pack for a business trip to Scotland? Here we bring you our handy tips on packing bags for business travel, with a little help from some packing experts. We’ve focused on packing light, as we know many travellers prefer to take hand luggage on business flights, rather than checking in a larger bag.

Plan your Outfits

In order to pack light, it’s best to plan each day’s clothing in advance. Think about what you’ll be doing each day. How many business meetings will you attend? How many work dinners and evening events? Then, you can put together a packing list with all the clothes you’ll need.

Woman choosing outfits from her wardrobe

Layer Up

When planning your outfits, bear in mind the famously unpredictable Scottish weather. We have a mild climate, which averages around 17°C in the summer and 0°C in the winter. And you can experience sunshine, rain, wind and snow all in one day. So, pack layers of clothing that mix and match, so you’ll be prepared for all weathers. It rains a lot in Scotland, so an umbrella, light-weight rain coat and waterproof shoes are essential for all seasons.

Man in suit under an umbrella looking at his phone

Be Organised

Use packing cubes to keep all your items organised and stored compactly in your case. For a few tips, watch actress Rachel Grant pack over 100 items into her hand luggage using packing cubes.

If you’re travelling on business, the likelihood is you’ll have a laptop, along with your phone, camera, tablet and other electronic items. It’s important to pack these carefully and safely, along with any chargers that go with them. Here, travel vlogger Sonia has some great advice on how to do it.

Packing toiletries and other liquids into hand luggage can be tricky as you have to follow several air travel rules. All liquids must be in their own containers, no more than 100 ml each in size, and adding up to no more than a litre in total. You must put these in a transparent bag measuring up to 20 x 20 cm. For more details, see this video from Love and London.

So, now you know what to pack for a business trip to Scotland and how to do it! Remember, it’s all about the layers when it comes to outfits. And with these travel packing hacks, you’ll be able to pack your clothing, toiletries and electronics all neatly and securely in your hand luggage. Now, you’d better get packing!