So where IS Loch Ness exactly?

It’s easy to get to Inverness and Loch Ness!

Recently I came across some web statistics relating to Loch Ness searches on Google and couldn’t help noticing how many people have googled the phrase “where is Loch Ness”. If you live here it’s sometimes easy to forget that the world is a huge place and things that are obvious to us locals are not so obvious to someone from another part of the globe!

So, let’s start with the basics – if you look at a map of Britain, Scotland is at the top, look at the far northern tip of the island – that’s John O Groats. Now move south along the east coast until you get to the pointy end of the V shape – that’s Inverness, the nearest city to Loch Ness. Now you’ve found us! Apologies to any cartographers who may be reading this!

If you prefer numbers and distances, hopefully this will help – Inverness is 570 miles away from London, 450 miles from Birmingham, 370 miles from Manchester, 280 miles from Newcastle, 170 miles from Glasgow and 150 miles from Edinburgh. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult to get here, though!

The quickest way is by air of course – conveniently Inverness Airport is only 15 minutes by car or taxi from Inverness city centre and offers direct flights to Manchester, London, Dublin, Amsterdam and many more destinations. See our travel page here.

There are also direct rail and bus links to many UK hubs from the city centre.

Once you have arrived in Inverness and you’re ready to explore Loch Ness you have lots of options. If you have your own or a hire car, it couldn’t be easier to head out to the famous Loch – for the tourism hub of Drumnadrochit head down the north side of Loch Ness on the A82 towards Fort William. After just a few miles you will catch your first glimpse of Loch Ness on your left-hand side. Stop at Dochgarroch or the Clansman Harbour for Loch Ness cruises, check out the visitor centres and gift shops in Drumnadrochit and don’t miss out Fort Augustus for more cruise options and a look at the locks.

If you prefer to explore the “quiet” side of Loch Ness, head down the South Side of Loch Ness on the B852 towards Dores and Foyers, where you will find lovely walks, quiet picnic spots and amazing viewpoints!

Don’t have a car? Don’t worry! Have a look at our blog article – getting to Loch Ness from Inverness by public transport or get timetables from the Traveline Scotland website or see our Travel section.

Another great option to see Loch Ness without driving yourself is to take part in an organised tour with Loch Ness by Jacobite, which you can pick up in Inverness city centre. These run all year round. Many local tour operators also offer bespoke or small group tours that take you to Loch Ness and farther afield – a great option if you are also interested in local history and wildlife.

So, now that we’ve told you where we are and how you can get here – what are you waiting for?