New, exciting challenges for the New Year!

Runners and cyclists love Inverness and Loch Ness for the scenic routes to explore and fantastic races to enter, but are you ready for a new challenge this year? Try a duathlon and challenge yourself – we have fantastic events for everyone from beginners to elite athletes!

Have you ever tried a multi-sport event?

January wouldn’t be January without the odd New Year’s resolution, so for those of you looking for a new and exciting challenge this year, we have a few suggestions that will please even the most adventurous! We have already written about the great sporting events around Inverness and Loch Ness, but what if you’ve already done the Etape or one of the races of the Festival of Running? In recent years Triathlons have become more and more popular, as many people would like to challenge themselves and try something new…but let’s face it, open water swimming up here is not for the faint-hearted – so let’s look at some exciting events in our area that won’t involve a wetsuit!

If you’re a runner or cyclist looking to try something new, why not consider a duathlon? The most famous duathlon in our area is probably the Highland Cross, but it can be very difficult to get a place, so let’s leave this one to celebrities like Pippa Middleton just now…there are some great alternatives available! In May you can enter the Glen Affric Duathlon, which is not called “Scotland’s Scenic Challenge” for nothing! This run-bike-run event (bikes should be mountain or hybrid bikes only) takes place in the Glen Affric Nature Reserve, so the scenery alone makes it worthwhile to give it a go – if you’re not sure about tackling the whole challenge, you can also enter as a team and split the running and cycling between team members.

Later on in May, another duathlon attracts locals and visitors alike every year – the Nairnshire Challenge. This 30-mile duathlon takes you from the wild moors near Cawdor to the seaside town of Nairn and is suitable for all abilities. If you’re new to a duathlon, you can join the many participants who walk the first section and enjoy the wild moorland scenery or if you’re more experienced, challenge yourself and run the first 13 miles before changing over to your bike! Again it’s possible to enter as a team and share the running/walking and cycling.

And just in case you would like to include another activity in your challenge, a new race will be coming to Loch Ness this year with the Quest Adventure Series guys taking their successful event from Ireland to Scotland for the first time – and what better place to pick for their inaugural Scottish event than Loch Ness? Apart from running and cycling this event also includes kayaking on the famous Loch, but a run/bike only option will also be available.

We hope we have inspired you to challenge yourself this year and join us for one of these amazing adventures here in Inverness and Loch Ness!

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