The Secret of the Serpent Stone

Roland is an engineer working in Edinburgh who has had an interest in the Loch Ness Monster since his teenage years and visits the loch every year for the monster, but also for the beautiful scenery (if Nessie puts in a no-show). You can find out more over on his Loch Ness Monster Blog.

Loch Ness Mystery

On a certain rock on a certain beach as you head south towards the village of Foyers is a serpent. It is not a snake or the famous inhabitant of Loch Ness, but an image on the rock itself. A friend of mine by the name of Doug Bell, had discovered it when he had been over at Loch Ness some time ago and I finally got a look at it recently. I took this picture …

Serpent Stone: Nessie Graffiti?

It is a slab of rock over two feet long in length and would be a major effort for even two people to lift. On first inspection, it just looked to me as if somebody has scratched a childish, serpentine figure onto the rock, perhaps with another smaller but sharper rock. I basically put it down to somebody indulging in a bit of Nessie graffiti.

However, on closer inspection, it was not clear to me that this image had been laid down in such a simple manner. I considered how an artist may have abrasively added the image; or maybe it was even a fossil? In fact, it looked as if it was part of the rock itself and more crystalline in form than the surrounding rock. A closer look suggested this may be more a question for those trained in the discipline of geology than art.

Loch Ness – More than One Mystery

It seemed improbable that nature could have laid down such a form, yet this may be an image that has been encased for a time longer than I care to imagine, waiting to be finally revealed years later when workmen split the rock open during improvements to the south road in the 1960s.

It seems that Loch Ness has more than one mystery for us to indulge in!