Inverness and Loch Ness: Fun Facts

Fun and Interesting Facts about Inverness and Loch Ness

Here at Visit Inverness Loch Ness, we work endlessly to ensure the ultimate Highland Holidays in Scotland for you! That means helping you to live like a local when you’re with us. As such, each month we like to add a new Fun Fact to our website homepage, about Inverness and Loch Ness. We then gather these little insights here in this blog, to help you keep track. So find out more about Scotland, learn about our Highland region and understand how we live with a few of our little local insights, facts and fun tips. Or why not experience Scotland for yourself before you visit with our 360° Tours and Videos.

November 2019: Where is Lord Lovat Buried?

For all Outlander enthusiasts and people interested in Loch Ness and Inverness’ historic sites of interest, The Wardlaw Mausoleum is an absolute must! Here you can book a private tour with Erik the Mausoleum historian and custodian, who dedicates his time for free to keep this wonderful piece of history alive and open to the public. Climb the bell tower and ring the bell, crawl into the crypt and see the ancient lead coffins and hear all about the history of “the real fox” and the beheading of traitor Lord Lovat.

May 2019: Highland cows are the oldest registered breed of cattle

Did you know, that Highland cows are the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world? This iconic breed of lovable ‘coos’ had their first mention way back in the 6th century! A very long time ago indeed!

Friendly in nature and a hardy breed they are very distinctive creatures with their large horns and long coats. Furthermore, they can live up to 20 years, each cow having on average 12 calves in their lifetime.

Find out more about our beloved Highland cows in Inverness and see where you can spot them when you visit.

April 2019: The Largest Body of Water in the UK (by volume)

Did you know, Loch Ness is the largest body of water in the UK by volume? In fact, there is more water in Loch Ness than in all the other lakes in the UK combined! No wonder the loch is surrounded by so much mystery. A monster surely could be hiding down in its depths!

Find out more about visiting Loch Ness here. You can even walk all the way around it, on the new Loch Ness 36o° Trail!

Woman in coat and hat looking at the view on the South Loch Ness Trail

March 2019: The Most Beautiful Glen In Scotland

Did you know that Glen Affric is known as the most beautiful glen in Scotland? Home to golden eagles, red squirrels and red deer, it’s a magical place where glistening lochs meet ancient woodlands.

Read more and find out just why here.

February 2019: Free Things To Do in Inverness & Loch Ness

Feeling frugal? Here are 6 wonderful FREE things to do Loch Ness & 6 wonderful FREE things to do Inverness.

Inverness at night, The Kessock Bridge

January 2019: Inverness One of the Fastest Growing Cities

Our little city is so small, it was only given status as a city in the year 2000! But being small doesn’t mean being limited. We are so well connected, so diverse and so cultural that we are one of Europes fastest growing cities. It’s no wonder we’re so popular… just minutes from Loch Ness.  See our Inverness infographic for more information.

Decmeber 2018: Loch Ness By Numbers

Here are some great “Did You Know” facts about Loch Ness in our Loch Ness By Numbers infographic. Did you know we only have one island – Cherry Island. And it’s man-made! Unlike our other great Scottish Loch, Loch Lomond, some 3 hours away from us, our vast Scottish loch doesn’t have islands. Loch Lomond, on the other hand, has 22, and some are inhabited.

November 2018: The Loch Ness Monster

To date there has been 106 sightings of the Loch Ness monster. Nessie is the most famous monster around the world!

Hundreds of people travel to Scotland each year to search for Nessie as well as explore our many Scottish Castles, our ancient history Battlefields and other amazing places to seeSurrounded by Scottish glens, and the heather clad Highland hills, you have plenty to explore! Find out our favourite haunts...

Cruise Loch Ness May 2018

October 2018: Inverness & River Ness Facts

Inverness means “mouth of the river Ness” and is the most northerly city in Scotland!

It sits just 8 miles North of our famous Loch Ness, and is known as “the capital of the Highlands”. It is most beautiful to visit in our crisp Scottish Winters, where you can curl up by the fire after a brisk walk along the banks of the River Ness.

Surrounded by Scottish glens, and the heather clad Highland hills, you have plenty to explore! Find out our favourite haunts.