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One of the best ways of appreciating the wonders of Loch Ness is from the water. Pleasure cruises and boat trips operate all year, boating holidays too are very popular and every season has its special moments. A spectacular sight on a frosty winter's mornings is when the mists boil off the water's surface or when an early evening moon-rise sparkles off the water.

In spring the hills surrounding Loch Ness are bursting back into life with the fresh, vibrant green of new growth and the early blossom of the whins and wild cherries in bloom. Summer's colours are the purples of the heather and the long days and short nights leave plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. Autumn of course means the bronzes and golds of the changing of the leaves, and the nip in the air makes the prospect of a hearty meal and a warming dram at the end of the day very appealing.

From the water you can enjoy the area's historic gems, from majestic Urquhart Castle to the Caledonian Canal, a wonder of the industrial age that is still very much in use today.
You can also spot the small villages, crofts and farms that are dotted round this huge stretch of water and wonder what life was like in former times when there was a poor road around Loch Ness and many had to use the water to get from place to place.

If your interest is geology you can trace the fault lines that make up the Great Glen along the length of Loch Ness. As for natural history - you can spot a wealth of wildlife on the water such as indigenous and migrating birds or watch for leaping trout and salmon and if you're really lucky you may see an otter or deer on the shore. As for Loch Ness' most famous and reclusive resident monster....keep your eyes never know!
Indeed, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy magnificent Loch Ness itself from the water either sailing or on the numerous pleasure boat cruises that operate on Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal. 

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