Beautiful Beauly

If you are looking for a peaceful country location to base your Highland holiday, then consider the beautiful village of Beauly and its surrounding countryside.

Legend has it that the area was named for its description as a “Beau Lieu” or “Beautiful Place” by the visiting Mary Queen of Scots, and it certainly isn’t a misnomer!

With amazing history and stunning scenery, Beauly is a great base for a break and is within easy reaching distance of the city of Inverness, legendary Loch Ness and all the other amazing attractions that our area has to offer.

Beautiful Beauly

Visit Glen Ord Distillery

The Glen Ord Distillery visitors centre is open throughout the year (check out their listing for the latest opening hours) and offers a wonderful insight into the world of whisky! Tour the distillery and see the distillers at work, learn how the water of life makes it from mash tun to barrel to bottle, and maybe try or buy a wee dram for yourself!

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Walk Through Reelig Glen

This stunning steep sided gorge was cut by the waters of the Moniack Burn as it flowed to the Beauly Firth and is a great place to discover some of our amazing outdoors. Wander through woodlands where Douglas Fir trees have stood for more than a century and grown to a height of 50 metres – and check out Dughall Mor (Big Douglas) – the one-time tallest tree in Britain! T

There is a one mile circluar walk from the Forestry Commission car park that allows you to explore easily.

Reelig GlenImage Steven Brown under license

Explore Beauly Priory

Founded in the first half of the 13th Century this monastery was home to monks of the Valliscaulian and Cistercian orders for more than 300 years, until the Protestant Reformation of 1560 brought its service as such to an end.

The ruins of the priory now stand roofless but still beautiful, ringed by trees and make a perfect place to spend some hours exploring. A great destination for history buffs of those with a passion for ancient architecture.

Beauly PrioryImage Keith Chadwick under license

Get Active Outdoors with Boots N Paddles

Operating at locations across the Beauly area, Boots N Paddles are an outdoor activity company offering an exciting range of guided adventures. Why not try a canoe or kayak safari on the River Beauly?

Instruction and guiding are available for newcomers to the sport, while experienced paddlers can hire equipment and get some advice before heading out to explore on their own!


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