Scottish Food in the Highlands

A Taste of Inverness Loch Ness

With its amazing habitats and strong traditions, the Highlands of Scotland makes a great destination for the discerning foodie – and the Inverness Loch Ness area is no exception. Check out what you can expect if you come looking for a taste of Inverness Loch Ness!

Food and Drink with a Highland Flavour

With so many opportunities to get out in the open air, walking, cycling and adventuring around Inverness and Loch Ness, it is no surprise that visitors to our area often find they work up quite an appetite as they explore.

Luckily though our area offers some great opportunities to fuel up on amazing Highland fare! With a wide range of cafes and restaurants across the area serving amazing local produce and familiar dishes with a distinctly Scottish twist.

If you want to get a real flavour of our area, there are a few things that you should look out for on menus and in stores, including:

Local Cheeses of the Highlands

While the Highlands are famed for our Highland “coos” (that’s cows to the uninitiated!) you could be forgiven for not giving much thought to dairy produce in our area, as the amazing game, whiskies and traditional haggis usually hog the limelight when it comes to Scottish cuisine, however, Scotland enjoys a rich cheesemaking heritage and our area is no exception. Check out the amazing locally produced offerings from Highland Fine Cheeses and Connage Highland Dairy and do have a taste if they pop up on your menu!

Oat Cakes Baked on Loch Ness Shore

These are a staple of Scottish cuisine, served alongside families favourites such as “stovies” (a thick oven-bottom stew made with the leftovers of the Sunday roast) or as an accompaniment for one of our many exciting local cheeses (see above) For locally produced oatcakes, you might want to check out The Forest Kitchen based beside Loch Ness and baking traditional style using organic oatmeal milled in a carbon neutral traditional water driven mill at Golspie, north of Inverness.

Venison - a favourite Scottish Food

Venison is a common meat option here in the Highlands (even local school menus include this game favourite!) and is served in a range of dishes from burgers to casseroles. At the Great Glen Charcuterie south west of Loch Ness this traditional meat is turned into a range of deli meats including venison chorizo and venison salami.

Haggis Made in the Highlands

Synonymous with Scottish cuisine, Haggis is a must have meal during your stay – whether you choose to opt for the traditional option served with neeps and tatties (turnip and potatoes) or opt to savour something more subtle such as a haggis stuffed chicken breast (a favourite with local foodies!) If you are looking to buy award winning haggis in our area check out Scotland’s first champion haggis makes, George Cockburn and Son, in Dingwall to the north of Inverness.

Whisky Distilleries Near Inverness

Uisge beatha, or the water of life, is an ingrained part of the Inverness Loch Ness identity with distilleries dotted across the Highland landscape. Used in local cooking (try haggis with a whisky sauce!) as well as being savoured across the world, this spirit is an integral part of the Scottish experience. Learn more about how whisky is made and stock up on liquid souvenirs at local distilleries such as Glen Ord and Tomatin where tours and tastings are available to visitors.

Beer Brewed by Loch Ness

Our area is also home to some amazing beers, with microbreweries in the area supplying many local bars and eateries. Check out the amazing offerings from the Loch Ness Brewery at the Benleva Hotel – which include Darkness, Lightness and Hoppyness.

A woman dines out with a view of Inverness Castlle
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